We’re All Children Of God

By Jose

I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic school, and got my degree in Communication Sciences at an university ran by the Opus Dei in Caracas, Venezuela. However, as a teenager when I realized that I was gay, I started thinking that I wasn’t worthy of God and Heaven. So I opted for rejecting my faith as a whole. During about 8 years I lived a completely secular life. I was healthy and successful, but there was always a nagging feeling of frustration and certain emptiness in me. I often wondered what the meaning of my life was. Was it in my family? Was it in my profession? Or maybe in something else?

Even though all of those elements have brought certain joys, they have also failed. Since joining All Inclusive Ministries, I have realized how much good there is in practicing my Catholic faith. All these years I missed how much hope and peace God can bring. He’s the love that never fails and, beyond my sexual orientation, I am happy to know that I have a place in his heart.

I am genuinely looking forward to helping All Inclusive Ministries grow and let other realize that God loves them as well. Gay, straight or lesbian, we are all children of God.

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2 Responses to We’re All Children Of God

  1. anthony kiu says:

    I also agree with you.but some people doen’t think like this.I want to go to medjugorje,do u?

  2. kum lam says:

    Hi. This is Kum Lam. I like your post. I have been going through a lot of confusion and it helps to know that certain people like you has gone through same things and that you have found a good way to deal between your homosexualidad and the Catholic Church. I am glad to read that from you. I am venezuelan to by the way.

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