Transgender and Catholic

Hi my name is Jasmine, but I was born Thomas. First of all God loves you, He came to call sinners. I personally do not believe being LGBT is a sin, but it is a unique blessing from God who created us. It all started when I was eleven, gosh I thought I was normal till then! I began puberty at eleven. As my body developed into a boy, my brain developed female. I thought I was dying! My parents would throw away my make up, it was horrible! Anyway, after I was suicidal, on drugs, on the streets, my Eucharistic Minister parents accepted me for who I am. I’m at a Parish where I have never been denied the Sacraments. My dad is going with me for the final surgery. He is a devout Catholic, and Eucharistic Minister. My eight year old sister, who is an Altar Server loves her older sister. My priest and parishioners refer to me as Jasmine. My favorite priest has even told me he would never “out” me. For some time I helped out at Saint Vincent de Paul. I have come to learn that it is okay to be transgender and Catholic. I believe it is okay to go to Communion if YOU feel YOU are in good standing with God. I also believe I should not be having sex, but who knows about when I have a husband? I probably will be intimate with him, and still receive my Lord’s Body, and Blood. I know He loves me, so why not? It’s all a matter of conscience. Do you feel you have done anything wrong? If yes, do NOT go to Communion! If no, partake of our Lord’s Supper. Once you accept yourself, others will too, I pray. God bless! Love Jasmine.

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  1. Chandra says:

    Beautiful Jasmine! I am in a committed relationship with another woman I have loved for many years but have been considering converting. I just couldn’t not be without my love, so I was unsure. I don’t believe God hates anyone

  2. Sophia says:

    Hi Jasmine! I think your story is so inspiring and I want to let it be shared. I’m writing an article about LGBT women in the Church for and was wondering if you would be willing to give me an interview for the story? I’d love to get some insight from you, since your experiences are so profound and moving.

  3. Robert says:

    I am a male in a committed relationship with a transgender woman, I fully love her. And do not see what we have as a sinful existence. God brought us together and it is beautiful. Jasmine I wish you courage and I pray you will find happiness.

  4. Miriam Klika says:

    I’m searching for some pithy support for Catholic Christians who are transgender, like me. She divorced me and the annulment is in the hands of God and Rome. I have written much hoping to influence the tribunal. I keep thinking I can add more, like links to great research or articles. She sees how I have been living as despicable. Paul McHugh and a few others have persuaded our church leadership to ignore the APA, AMA, and WHO. When the church leads this way, it tears marriages and families, like mine, apart. May our Lord God have mercy on us all. Thanks for your testimony.

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