To Gay to Catholic but wanting to Catholic

By Turtle

I’m gay.

Really gay.

Most of my friends at school know that I’m a lesbian, my brother knows, and my sister is on her way to knowing.

I’m not really that scared about coming out. I know my family doesn’t support it, but I don’t always have to follow what my family believes.

I’m not really a strong catholic, I’ve just recently been thinking of trying to be more faithful and in the church but this is a big hurdle for me.

I know when I am older I want to be a mother. I’ve always been the more motherly person in my friend groups and I just enjoy taking care of people, I feel like it’s kind of a calling for me, but at the same time I am realllllllly gay.

It’s a problem for me. I don’t know exactly what to think, I’m trying to trust my instincts but people in my own family have told me that my instincts are wrong.

What do?

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