My Life

It all started when I was conceived, my parents were young, they were not married and they were not Catholics. When I was 8 months old my father left us, sometimes I talk to him, but for many years ago we don’t not see each other, and I always felt that I needed a father figure.

When I turned three years my mother went to a trip, on that trip she met Sebastian, he was a very good person and he treated me like his son, Sebastian told my mother that he would take us to Europe for a better future (he is Danish).

When I turned five years old my mother went to Europe with Sebastian. When I turned 10 my mother returned from Europe to take me with her, but Sebastian was not with her. In Europe my mother met Kristoffer, he teached me to drive bike and camping, the wounds that I had (by my father and Sebastian) began to heal. My mother got a job with an opera singer (caring for her children), the eldest son fell in love with me and I fall in love of him, was a pure love (at that age I did not think about sex), One day we were walking and he took my hand and then he kissed me, he was my first love (He was not my my boyfriend).

When I turned 13 I told my mother I was gay, Krist offer stayed with us 1 more year and then he went away from our lives. My mother and I were very sad and a friend of my mom was saying to us that We should pray but we never prayed. One night my mother pray a little bit and her arms were filled with glitter, she started researching about it and said it was a gift from the Virgin Mary, we decided to go to a village called Medjugorje, where the Virgin Mary appears.

In this town I made my first communion and we became officially Catholic, after that day we began to pray the Rosary and started going to church. I was so afraid to be Catholic and gay, we moved to another city and there I met Nils, I liked him but he was not interested on me.

My mother always prays for me to changes, I know that Jesus can do everything but I like being me and someday I would like to live in celibacy with someone and maybe adopt kids.

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  1. Mikey says:

    Dear guy (I don’t know your name),

    From reading your story, I sense that it is difficult for you, I means you also have glimpses of joy, in which you encounter people who loves you, but people seems to comes and go.

    I don’t see nothing wrong at all with being gay and liking a guy. In my opinion, it depend how it is expressed. It’s possible I think to find a special friend, and it’s important to pray Jesus, because we’re talking about a wound that needs healing, and you wants to meet a guy who likes you for who you are.

    It’s easy for me to say all this, but it’s not easy to find a good friend. Too often, appearances are deceiving, but there’s good people out there. I think the biggest challenge is ourselves, it’s important to put ourselves out there in the public and meet people who share some common interests.

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