My Coming Out Story

Hi I’m Max. I am 13 years old and I am fully gay. I have been a catholic almost all m life, this is my story.

I was in year 5 and I was under a lot of pressure from my peers at school. They would tease me and bully me and call me gay (using it as a synonym for bad). Anyway I was pushed into atheism and pushed into being gay for about a year. I then went on an emotional roller coaster for a while and I went from straight to gay to bi. I moved to high school and I could finally clear my head and find myself. I realized that I love God with all my heart and I also discovered that I was Fully gay. I could tell my parents because luckily they are not homophobic. I want to send the message out to all that God loves you no matter what sexuality you are so don’t feel like you’re a sinner. Tell your parents at the right time and don’t rush into anything.

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3 Responses to My Coming Out Story

  1. Maria says:

    Hey, I check this website every now and then because I’m still a bit confused. I consider myself bi (I’m a girl) but I haven’t come out, and I sometimes think, “will god punish me?” . It scares me a lot to think that I’m doing wrong by trying to accept it and come out to myself, so I just wanted to ask you if you could tell me how you accepted it. It’s being really hard for me.

  2. Chris says:

    All my life I struggled in the same ways and I lived a lie most of my adult life always I’m fear of hellfire and not being accepted by God. That was because that was what was put to me as truth but over time I have learned that you can not change what or who you are attracted to or love. God loves us and accepts us just as we are we live after the cross not before the cross and Cjrist died once and for all sins Jesus paid the
    Price so we could live free and without condemnation. Be who you are accept yourself and live in love and joy He wants us to be free.

  3. Nino says:

    Thank you for such inspirations <3 Live, love, life! 😀 Amen to all these! 😀

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