Living my truth

I’m gay and Catholic. I struggled for years with the whole Catholic guilt regarding my sexuality. It was only when I became ill did I attempt to live my life more authentically. In short, this meant to begin living my truth. As I grew closer to the Lord, I realized that by living my truth (accepting how He made me) I was not only honoring myself, but God as well. After all, He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. It is in living our truth that we most reflect Jesus. This will set you free from self-deprecation, self-hate, and consequently bring you to love yourself as He loves us. For me this love drew me to him in the Holy Eucharist. I go to Mass to receive Love and then by God’s grace, I reflect this love to others. After all, we were made for love, by love and because of Love. I try to put my emphasis on forgiveness, acceptance, and love. I am not perfect. Sometimes I’m drawn to the negativity of the past, church politics, criticism, etc., but God accepts our human condition and all of our failures just as He accepts our successes. I think He looks for pure intentions, not perfection. Love Him and you will love yourself more. Seek Him, and you will find yourself……God Bless.

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