Help please

By Leo

Ok, I’am 13 (young,I know) I’am a very strong Catholic but, I look at naked men online on and off. I a took a break from it but I just came back to looking at naked men. I feel terrible. I confessed it in confession many times but, I keep doing it. I have many crushes on boys too at church and I don’t really like girls at all. Am I going to hell? I’am so scared please help thank you!

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4 Responses to Help please

  1. Mike says:

    No dude, cut yourself some slack. You’re not going through anything any other boy in the world is going through. The only difference is you’re doing it with the same gender. Just like any other person of faith, you have to realize that God meant you for something so much greater than pornography. It’s the year of mercy, don’t end it without extending some of that mercy to yourself. Peace.

  2. Elbert says:

    Leo do not be so hard on yourelf. I am a teenager as well and its only natural that we seek out things of a sexual nature because we are full of hormones. You know the bible never actually says an ill word about homosexuality, it never even has the word in there! It’s because of bad translation that people ever came to the conclusion that there is something wrong with loving the same gender or that Yahweh was against it. Plenty of christian scholars have studied this matter their whole lifetimes and have come to the same conclusion. Study some articles on christians who are part of the LGBT community and are happily married to someone of the same sex. There is nothing wrong with you!

  3. Max says:

    My advice is not to look at pornography. Always be who you are and never be afraid.

  4. Joe says:

    You poor thing!
    You are so young.
    You have access to so many bad images so easily ,
    You also have the capacity to be holy and possibly a great Saint
    Faith is about belief and trust and remembrance that someone chose to
    Put themselves through an agonising death to show their love to us/you.
    The world is telling us we can have everything ,when no one can.
    It is a struggle but he loves you so much,that he died for you.
    Live simply , do not fret , pray to his mother because she is your mother,
    All he wants is you , his mercy is infinite and no matter how much or how far you fall
    He will keep calling you back and eventually you will be very happy indeed.
    Pray humbly and trust,
    great things will happen through you.

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