By Allison

I don’t know what to do. I’m bisexual, Catholic, and afraid. My dad is really homophobic and my mom doesn’t agree with the lifestyle.

I feel like I’m lying to them, and I know that I’m distancing myself because of my fear of them finding out. Every day it feels like the weight on my chest gets heavier and heavier because I hide this from them.

I go to a Catholic school, and I love God. He has been my friend and family through everything. I pray to him for guidance on what to do, but sometimes, it seems hard to keep pushing forward with this burden He has given me. Luckily, I have realized that God is with me and loves me. I am no mistake or fluke. God made me this way for a reason.

I have told one of my friends who I have known for nine years, and she has been a huge help in accepting myself. Lately, I have been feeling more comfortable with who I am. I want to tell my family, but I’m afraid. What if they don’t accept me?

I have questions, but I don’t know the answers to them. Like, is it okay to be bisexual? Am I allowed to date someone of the same sex? Why do I feel this way? I’m so confused, and I hope that someone can help answer them.

If anyone else is struggling like I am, I wish you the best of luck. My friend told me this poem once about Jesus. She said that a man was walking along the beach with Jesus, his memories shown in the sky. Footprints shown along the shore, sometimes one but usually two pairs. Finally, the man asked Jesus, “Why is there only one pair of footsteps during the hardest times of my life? Did you abandon me?” Jesus answered, “The times where you see only one pair of footprints is when I carried you.”

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  1. Adams says:

    Hey I am sure you feel all alone but Jesus is always there for you and wants you to know he cares for. its OK to love a guy but your love must be genuine not based on sexual attraction. I strongly advice that you pray over it and well telling your folks knowing their position on this issue would be a bitter pill to swallow. Try and share it with your priest in counseling.

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