Gay Catholic and Homophobic mother

By Jesus,

I am 14 year old and a devoted Catholic. I’ve been a Catholic for all my life and right now I’m in a teen church group and am preparing for the sacrament of confirmation. Last year, though, I started liking this guy… I didn’t know what to do. I had heard all my life that boys are supposed to act like boys, that boys are supposed to like girls and anything aside from that was unnatural. I am pretty sure my mom is homophobic and I’m just scared that I can’t tell her. I want to confess to a priest but I’m still terrified of what he would tell me.

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  1. AnaT says:

    Hey. So you’re about the same age as I was when I started having these attractive, and to be honest 5 years later and I still don’t know what to do. For you firstly it’s important to know that there’s nothing ‘out of the norm’ in having same sex attractions. It’s how God made you and it’s who you are. At this stage it’s important for you to know what The Church’s real teachings are on the matter and that you’re loved regardless, which is something I did know at your age. On the contrary I actually found it easier to open up in confession and the priest was super supportive and gave me a good talk. I was afraid at first but once I was in there I felt better about my decision. You need to also be really careful of what you may fine on the internet (in regards to the actual Church teaching), that’s why I think it’s best to ask a priest during confession to get some incentive. Maybe you could start here:

    I hope this is what you need and I wish you well.

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