Don’t Know What To Do

Hi I’m Kiki (not really). I am 14 years old, pansexual, and a girl. I have a very like religious family and I am too. I have told a lot of my friends that I am pansexual and they are okay with it, but I don’t know how my family will react. My sister has a gay friend and my family is fine with it but I don’t know how they would feel if their own daughter was pansexual. I’m scared they won’t accept me especially my dad. I don’t know what to do about my family and when to tell them and how to tell them.

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  1. KoJoe says:

    Hi Kiki;
    Maybe it’s too early to tell your parents about your sexuality. It is also good for people your age to wait until you are older before engaging in sexual activity with others. In the mean time enjoy your friendships in a platonic way. If you really need to talk ask your school counselor or sympathetic teacher who can just listen with empathy to you.

    On a spiritual side find some special prayers you can say every day. Saying thank-you to God for at least five things is what I do. Remember God loves us more than you or I can understand. Most of your questions will become clearer as time goes on. God will help you work everything out.

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